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Intro, and Arriving at WQUA

My wife, Debra, got me this site for Christmas and my son, Steve, is helping - so an old radio guy can tell his stories. I call the mid-50's - 1970 the Silver Age of Radio. This was before de-regulation, when personality was your ticket to the dance! I'm going to jot down some memories of each station I worked at. If anyone has a story or memories, chime right in. I'd like to hear from you. (Send it by email to

I'm going to start with WQUA Moline (thanks to Mark Moskowitz and all my Q friends for the kind words.)

In February of 1965 I sat in my room at the LeClaire Hotel, trying to find WQUA on a cheap radio. I had come to the Quad-Cites to be like Pat Murphy in Louisville, a great all-night guy, very free-form. I kept switching back and forth between KSTT and WHBF, but all I could get was Mummers music (Mummers are strange people who dress up like butterflies and dance up and down the streets of Philadelphia playing kazoos and glockenspiels. Music only a brother could love. That's why they are in Philadelphia.) Who the hell plays Mummers music at 8:15 in the morning?? WQUA. That's who!

The next day I was told the manager, Max Ryder, a nice man with bad taste in music, liked it. I told Joe Murray, the P. D., that I didn't care who liked it - the only way I would play Mummers music on the radio was at gunpoint.

(What had I gotten myself into?!)

- Adam Jones


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