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Happy New Year 2012 from Adam Jones

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

I'll get back to writing about my adventures as soon as I arrange my "office" (it's the only office I'll ever run for; it's next to the can.) I'm arranging all my baseball and radio memorabilia which is a made up word for, "I can't believe I've hauled this stuff around all these years."

Before the turn of the new year, I was watching Occupy Walmart on TV. A bunch of old people in Earth Shoes were in an uphill confrontation with a bunch of old people in vests. One woman looked a little like my first girlfriend (not my first friend now, my first girlfriend then!) She was standing next to a display for "The New Chia Clapper." It's a Chia head that looks like Joe the Plumber and when you clap your hands it grows hair. It's a big hit with the Tea Party, and two-year-olds.

OH! BIG NEWS FLASH! Haley "Pardon My Pardons" Barbour has just announced he'll be taking a job as lobbyist for Legalized Crime United!

Before I go, does anyone in the Quad-Cities remember Pat Hughes? I have saved all the wonderfully creative things he sent to my all-night show at WQUA. He is a great cartoonist and one of the funniest men I never met.

-Adam Jones

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