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Mister Bob, and Adam and Bob and Lest We Forget, Milo Townes

Thanks to Mr. Bob, from Kcountry FM in Gainesville-Ocala, for his email and pics. I worked with his dad, Bob Forster, at WSRS in Cleveland Heights. I was only 17 at the time and looked up to Bob as a real pro. He had a great voice and a smooth way of selling ad lib spots. A little later he worked at WJW. I worked there too, after he did. Here's a picture of Bob Forster and one of Milo Townes. Milo was scheduled to do the remote at Hoffman's Restaurant in Cleveland but Norman Bergholm, WSRS P.D., asked me to do it. It was my first time on the air (I guess I aced Milo out of a ten-dollar talent fee.)

WSRS photos Bob Forster, Roy Morris, George Patrick, Milo Townes, Bill Cannady Click
Mr. Bob called recently and we had a great talk. He said his dad and Bill Gordon were inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame here in Ohio. My morning show partner Bob Allen and I, along with Herb Score, were also inducted in 1998. And we are very proud to be in such company.

Speaking of Bob Allen reminds me that I haven't written anything about "Adam and Bob." We were a team for 17 years, the biggest part of my career. We teamed up in 1975 at WQUA in Moline. I met Bob in '66 when he came to QUA (to work afternoons, I think.) Since I was working all night and later 7 to midnight, we didn't see each other often except at staff meetings which were called every few weeks when the management was up to their egos in balloon juice. I took a Johnny Fever attitude to these blab fests, and would sit in the corner observing under heavy lenses with eyeballs painted on the outside. It would have saved a lot of time if Joe Murray or whoever was then in charge would have just called me up and said, "Adam, don't say 'ass' on the radio." (But I transdress.)

Dale Reeves (the greatest voice man in radio ever! With more impressions than Grauman's Chinese Theater) and I had done some remotes together and they were lots of fun. Before leaving for a job in Miami, Dale told John Dombek that he thought I needed a partner. Now at the time I had told anyone at the station who would listen that I was burned out on the All-Night Fistfight (which was starting to sound like Rope a Dope) and needed a change. So thanks to my friend Dale and Dombek's bravery, Adam and Bob hit the airwaves (AM erosion started about the same time I think.) More on the Giant Adam and Bob Show coming up.

- Adam Jones

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