Adam Jones taking a big leap
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The first night I started at WQUA

At midnight Jeff Blake started me off with a two minute record, "Downtown" by Petula Clark. I hardly had time to sit down and the song was over. I opened the mic and said, "Which button do I push now, Mother?" Since I knew where the mic switch was, I asked Jeff where the turntable switch was. He showed me not one, but two turntable pots! I can breathe easy now, I thought, launching into a story about how dry and static-y it was at the LeClaire Hotel, and how after walking the full length of the hall on their new wool carpet, I had generated so much electricity that when I shook hands with Mr. Patack, the manager, his eyes dilated and all the hair flew out of his nose.

"You'll do fine," said Jeff. "I'm going to Bosso's! (restaurant) Call over there if something blows up."

It's a good thing there were no spots on the log. I had no idea where the pots for the cart machine were (that board was put together by Lee DeForrest himself.) Well, Jeff and I became great friends anyway. And he even took me flying, from Mt. Joy to MLI. I saw him two years ago and he looked better than when I first met him. (I wonder if he has an ugly picture of himself in his attic.)

- Adam Jones

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