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Contributed by Greg Jackson

I remember Adam Jones coming to WQUA radio. The station was a few doors away from the Melo-Cream Donut Shop, 13th Street and 5th Avenue, where I slaved away my youth. My father set up a photo wall, where all the personalities of WQUA were featured.

I remember exactly two announcers. Jack Barlow was one, because all the women were in love with him.

Adam Jones was the other, because everyone talked about him. His radio show was so shockingly different that we could hardly believe our good fortune. I often worked late or early hours, so I heard him often, and he came into the shop regularly. WQUA gave Melo-Cream a few free ads and my father gave them doughnuts and coffee. We saw the announcers, secretaries, and the manager on a daily basis.

G. LaVerne Flambo was the manager of the station. One day it was snowing, so he told the Shell gas station owner to shovel a path from his Caddy, so he would not get his shoes damp. The owner said, "Shovel your own #$%&* path." To be fair, Flambo is remembered as a real pioneer in the area. I will post more about him later.

I recall that Jones was eventually left the station - see below. Adam retired from radio after 40 years and Bob Allen, his radio partner for 17 years, retired from WAKR just a few weeks ago.

Adam and Debra have been wed for 35 years. They run a pottery business, which makes only communion ware:

- Gregory L Jackson

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